Ramon de Oliveira

New York, NY

De Oliveira also spent a significant amount of time in the classroom. De Oliveira not only advised businesses, but he also taught finance at Columbia University and New York University as an adjunct professor. Furthermore, for someone who has achieved the level of success that Ramon de Oliveira has, he wanted to return that energy rather than keep it to himself. A significant amount of charity and volunteer experience has always been a part of his life, and the late 2000s have been no exception to that set of principles. After nearly a decade of supporting the leadership of the Kauffman Foundation in his later career, de Oliveira has devoted a significant amount of time to assisting other organizations as well. Whether pursuing larger social goals beyond personal endeavors or simply supporting the arts with productions such as a celebration of the Argentinian dance, the tango, de Oliveira continues to make a positive impact in his community.

At this point in his life, Ramon de Oliveira has entered a period of self-reflection and a desire to leave a lasting legacy. De Oliveira wants to make certain that the knowledge he has accumulated over the course of his long career is passed on to the next generation. There are many others who have tried to make a lasting mark on their generation or earlier, and de Oliveira isn't the only one. De Oliveira, on the other hand, believes that in his efforts to help the greater good, he does more for others than he did for himself in the early stages of his career. Private investment career arcs and personal accomplishments were the focus in those days. De Oliveira's success is no longer confined to his own personal sphere of influence, but to the greater good of individuals he interacts with and the larger community as a whole.